The HDF Group Launches HDF5® Enterprise Support

Champaign, IL, October 9, 2018 – The HDF Group is pleased to announce the launch of HDF5 Enterprise Support (ES) for enterprise organizations, vendors, and programs.

Annual subscription-based ES includes access to advanced functionality outside the core HDF5 library through proprietary add-on modules, an extended set of binaries, HDF5 source and binaries between maintenance releases, and HDF’s professional services. ES offers the latest innovations outside the core library, improves success in maintaining HDF5 infrastructure, and reduces security risks when using HDF5.

For Organizations and Vendors who rely on HDF5 to support mission-critical infrastructure, ES provides rapid issue response, phone and support portal access, and direct assistance from HDF engineers and developers.

“Launching HDF5 Enterprise Support is a major shift from our current model so we took great care and consideration to ensure our community receives increased value while providing the organization a pathway to sustainability,” says David Pearah, CEO of the HDF Group. We are committed to the security and reliability of HDF5 and will invest in the work to make it available to the entire community. Everything we are doing is focused on continuing our mission to ensure long-term access to data stored in HDF5 and support our dedicated and diverse user community.”

ES subscription revenue will be used to finance sustaining engineering projects, community initiatives, and more frequent maintenance releases of HDF5. In addition, the HDF Group has established a new Technical Advisory Committee to influence the future directions of HDF5 development to guarantee stable code while stimulating community-driven innovation and direct participation.

The launch of HDF5 ES marks the start of a new chapter within the HDF Group’s rich 30-year history of continuously innovating and delivering solutions for current and future data challenges.

For more information on HDF5 Enterprise Support, visit

On a personal note, I just wanted to thank the folks at the HDF Group for all of their hard work this past year to launch this important new offering.

A lot of engineering work went into our Enterprise subscription, including:

  • Creation of new add-on modules, including: Hadoop + AWS S3 + Apache Spark connectors
  • Major expansion of our library of certified binaries and custom build assistance
  • Renewed focus on security and reliability, including static analysis

Our hope: by adding value to HDF5, our global community will respond with a commitment to support the work we do at the HDF Group. Thanks!

Dave Pearah
CEO, HDF Group