SWMR Fortran Interface

I was looking into potentially using the SWMR functionality with our applications, which are written in Fortran. Are there any near term plans to add the SWMR functions to the Fortran interface?


Fortran SWMR APIs are scheduled to be in the release after 1.10.2. I’ll update the thread when they make it into develop in case you don’t mind working with the develop branch.

I’m also willing to use the SWMR functionlity with Fortran application. Has the Fortran interface been released recently because I can’t find in version 1.10.2 nor in 1.10.4 ?

If not, is it planned to be released in a near future ?


Attached is the patch against v1.10.4 we use to add SWMR write functionality to our Fortran applications.
We mainly just use call h5dflush_f(dataset, ierror) on the Fortran side.

FYI, there are a couple of functions missing from our patch.

swmr-fortran-patch.diff (13.6 KB)



Thanks a lot for sharing your patch. I’ll try to manage SWMR with it.

This has not been done yet, you can vote for the issue at:



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