Stream driver for hdf5 v1.8


I need to be able to stream data to pipes and sockets but the stream
driver is deprecated [0].

What is the reason for this deprecation ?

I found some code in . Is
this the official location ?
(if so, you might want to update the Changes.html to reflect this)

Can I expect to be able to be able to use this code with hdf5 v 1.8.5 ?
(I do think so [1] )

Any help on getting a working stream driver for 1.8.5 would be
*greatly* appreciated !

Best Regards,


Deprecated and Deleted Functions
The following functions, subroutines and wrappers have been removed in
this release:

C functions:
               The stream virtual file driver (H5FD_STREAM) has been
removed from the HDF5 distribution. The functionality remains
available from < . . . >(sic). "

* All the VFL drivers aren't backward compatible. In H5FDpublic.h, the
structure H5FD_class_t changed in 1.8. There is a new parameter added to
get_eoa and set_eoa callback functions. A new callback function
get_type_map was added. The public function H5FDrealloc was taken
out in 1.8. The problem only happens when users define their own driver
for 1.6 and try to plug it into a 1.8 library. This affects a very small
number of users. (See bug report #1279.) SLU - 2010/2/2