SEC2 driver failure on cygwin

Dear All,
I am the current cygwin maintainer for hdf5,
and I succeded some time ago to port HDF5-1.6.8
with shared libs using gcc-3.4.4.
I am remaining with HDF5-1.6.x as octave can not yet
use HDF5-1.8.x

I am just trying to make the same with the new gcc-4.3.2-2,
and the build completes but "make test" instead of skipping
"big Test" as before is performing also those tests
and stop there

make_check2.log (44.3 KB)


#048 0x0000000050707680 PASSED
#049 0x00000000236ae1a5 PASSED

Test passed with the Family Driver.

Checking if file system supports big files...
Testing big file with the SEC2 Driver
Testing large dataset write *FAILED*


full log attached.

Two questions:
- which is the easy way to skip that "big test"
- what exactly SEC2 is and how is supposed to work ?
  Just to understand if I should spend some time
  trying to solve the problem or I should ignore it.

Thanks in advance