Runtime error with Static Built

I am trying to track down an error with the 1.6.9 library. I have
built hdf5 as a static library and another library as a DLL type
library. The DLL links to the static HDF5 library. I then have a unit
test that links in both the intermediate library and the static HDF5
library. When I run the unit tests I am getting an error of the type:

Running 2 test cases...
Running Pointer2DArrayDataset<H5T_NATIVE_INT32> ... HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in
HDF5 library version: 1.6.9 thread 0. Back trace follows.
  #000: ..\src\H5D.c line 1163 in H5Dopen(): not a location
    major(01): Function arguments
    minor(03): Inappropriate type
  #001: ..\src\H5G.c line 1876 in H5G_loc(): invalid file ID
    major(01): Function arguments
    minor(05): Bad value
  #002: ..\src\H5I.c line 1257 in H5I_find_id(): invalid ID
    major(07): Atom layer
    minor(32): Unable to find atom information (already closed?)
Error opening Object for Attribute operations.
../../Tests/H5UtilitiesTest.cpp(77): fatal error in "H5UtilitiesTest": critical
check err >= 0 failed

*** 1 failure detected in test suite "Master Test Suite"

When I try any other combination (DLL to DLL HDF5, Static to Static
HDF5, Static to DLL HDF5) the same test works just fine so I am not
really sure what might be happening. This is on Windows XP with Visual
Studio 2008 Express. Everything is compiled in both debug and Release

The one "monkey wrench" is that this HDF5 is built with CMake and not
the usual Windows IDE build system so maybe I missed something in the
transfer of the build systems? I am going to take some more time to
try and compile HDF5 with the MSVC solutions files that come with the
distribution and see what happens with that.

I am posting mainly to see if some one else has seen something like
this before.

Thanks for any help.


Mike Jackson
BlueQuartz Software