ROS3: Unsupported API functions

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The other day, I tried to make use of ROS3 functionality of my library which is build op top of HDF5. During testing I discovered that the function H5is_accessible() is unsupported or at least that is my impressions. I assume there are more unsupported API functions. Is there somewhere a list of API functions which are either supported or unsupported. I found such a list for the VOL-REST api.

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H5is_accessible should work with any arbitrary VFD, as long as you’re using the native VOL. Internally, it tries to open the given file with the given FAPL to determine if it’s accessible.

More generally, I don’t think the ros3 VFD has documentation stating which API function are/are not supported.

Thanks for the information. It turns out I made a mistake in my implementation. After fixing it, everything works as expected.

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