Release candidate of HDF5 NeXus writer API (H5NX)

Hello everyone,

Release candidate of HDF5 NeXus writer API (H5NX)



We are pleased to announce the release candidate of H5NX version 1.0,
available at the "NeXus" section at

The HDF5 NeXus writer API (H5NX) is a set of functions that allow to write
data in the NeXus data format, using only HDF5 function calls.
It is being used at the at the Spallation Neutron Source of the Oak Ridge
National Laboratory.

The API is subject to changes at this time, please let me know of any
possible changes that you think should be done to the API.

The API is slightly based on the "High-Level HDF5 Lite" API, that I wrote
back in 2001

H5Nx is written in C++. It has functions for writing scalar and vectors as well as strings, the
numerical functions make use of C++ templates for the data type, avoiding
the multitude of the dedicated type functions done for Lite HDF5.

H5tools version 1.0

The "HDF5" section has a new version of the h5tools package.
It is now possible to build h5tools in UNIX using the GNU autotools system.

Please visit the page for instructions and download.

H5tools includes:
. h5merge -- Merges two HDF5 files.
. h5nx -- HDF5 NeXus writer API and examples.

H5merge also merges netCDF files version4, since netCDF4 uses HDF5 as the
underlying file format, like NeXus does.

HDF Explorer needs friends

HDF Explorer now has a Facebook page.

About HDF Explorer:
"HDF Explorer is a data visualization program that reads Hierarchical Data
Format files (HDF, HDF-EOS and HDF5) and also netCDF data files."

It reads the netCDF "classic" format version 3 as well the netCDF4 format,
that is handled as a HDF5 file.

Space Research Software in the press

I was recently interviewed by the team of "Garage Games", the makers of the
Torque game engine.

Our App Store published game "Word Build" was made with the Torque game

About Word Build
"Designed for all ages to help learners develop language skills, these word
puzzle games are for the iPhone/iPad and Macintosh computers."

Pedro Vicente