Redistirbuting pre-built Windows libraries


I work on an open source (LGPL) software project that can output information in HDF5 format files. We’d like to start providing pre-built binaries of our software on our website that include the required binary HDF5 libraries.

I noticed that the pre-built HDF5 binaries for Windows that you offer for download have SZIP enabled. I read the page about “Szip Compression in HDF Products.” The license restrictions raised some questions for me.

Given that our software doesn’t use SZIP for either encoding or decoding, can we link to and redistribute (perhaps some portion of) the pre-built Windows HDF5 binaries without worrying about the extra license restrictions on SZIP encoding?

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No worries, please proceed



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Hi Adam,

As an enterprise support user, you can have access to binaries that are built without SZIP
(or however you need them). I will contact you from the helpdesk with more information about that.