reading unknown dataSet in VB.Net


I have problems converting c-code to with the hdf5dotnet-wrapper.
Some commands are missing or moved into other classes.
Also all the sample-code examples use variables to read the dataset which are
previously generated for writing the dataset.

' /*
' * Open the file and the dataset.
' */
' file = H5Fopen(FILE, H5F_ACC_RDONLY, H5P_DEFAULT);
' dataset = H5Dopen(file, DATASETNAME);

got group and objectname from iterating

'Dim dataset As H5DataSetId =, objectName)
Dim dataSetAccessPropertyList As H5PropertyListId = H5P.create(H5P.Class.DATATYPE_CREATE)
Dim dataset As H5DataSetId =, objectName, dataSetAccessPropertyList)

How do I get the propertylist?

' /*
' * Get dataset rank and dimension.
' */

' filespace = H5Dget_space(dataset); /* Get filespace handle first. */
Dim filespace As H5DataSpaceId = H5D.getSpace(dataset)


' rank = H5Sget_simple_extent_ndims(filespace);
Dim rank As Integer = H5S.getSimpleExtentNDims(filespace)


' status_n = H5Sget_simple_extent_dims(filespace, dims, NULL);
Dim dims() As ULong = H5S.getSimpleExtentDims(filespace)


' printf("dataset rank %d, dimensions %lu x %lu\n",
' rank, (unsigned long)(dims[0]), (unsigned long)(dims[1]));
' /*
' * Get creation properties list.
' */

' cparms = H5Dget_create_plist(dataset); /* Get properties handle first. */

Dim cparms As Object = H5P.c whatever, didn't find it

' /*
' * Check if dataset is chunked.
' */
' if (H5D_CHUNKED == H5Pget_layout(cparms)) {
' * Get chunking information: rank and dimensions
' */

'rank_chunk = H5Pget_chunk(cparms, 2, chunk_dims);

Maybe working, if I will get parms and find the "getChunk" command...

'printf("chunk rank %d, dimensions %lu x %lu\n", rank_chunk, (unsigned long)(chunk_dims[0]), (unsigned
' }
' /*
' * Define the memory space to read dataset.
' */

' memspace = H5Screate_simple(RANK,dims,NULL);


' /*
' * Read dataset back and display.
' */

' status = H5Dread(dataset, H5T_NATIVE_INT, memspace, filespace, H5P_DEFAULT, data_out);

Why H5T_NATIVE_INT? How do I know it?

Which is the correct way to get unknown data?

Any help would be appreciated

Best regards



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