Question about enable-debug option?

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From: "Quincey Koziol"
Date: 2009-08-26 22:53:51
Hi Tony,

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hello all,

     For compile option "--enable-debug", its help informtion in
configure is "
  " --enable-debug=all Turn on debugging in all packages. One
may also
                          specify a comma-separated list of package
                          without the leading H5 or the word no. The
                          is most packages if production is
disabled; no if it
                          is enabled. "
     I really cannot understand the above comments, and I searched
in google, get nothing usefull information about it.
I just used "--disable-debug" and "--disable-trace" , I think this
will decrease the exe size and increase speed.

     Can anyone explain the "--enable-debug" mean? Or are there any
disadvantages when disable it.
     Thanks for any reply.

  The debug configure option does two things: it turns on the compilers
debugging flag ("-g" usually) and it enables some extra internal
consistency checking in the HDF5 library. Generally speaking,
disabling it will make the executable size smaller and increase speed
(a little), yes.


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