Problems compöiling HDF fortran example

Just a word of caution: Fortran modules can be a real dependency
headache. My gut instinct is that either a) the compiler cannot locate
the .mod module file or b) the hdf5 library was compiled with a
different Fortran compiler than the one you are using to build your
code. .mod files produced with one compiler generally cannot be used
by another compiler. Are you sure the hdf5 library was built with
gfortran and h5fc is using gfortran? It may also be helpful to show
the h5fc alias. Issue the following command.

h5fc -show

Search your system for hdf5.mod and then look at the h5fc macro to
ensure that the module file is on the include/module path (passed ass
an argument to a compiler option, often -J or -I)

If for somereason your install got messed up you can always try a
h5redeploy after you discover the issue.

Hope this helps.

Izaak Beekman


UMD-CP Visiting Graduate Student
Aerospace Engineering

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