"No space available for allocation" Error in H5Dwrite function


We here at GE energy, have been trying to use HDF5 for analyzing huge
data that gets generated from our proprietary software, in the form of
text files. In order to use the HDF5 file format we first have to
convert the text based data to this format. We are trying to use JAVA to
do so. However in the process of conversion, HDF 5 comes up with an
error message saying "No space available for allocation" during the
H5Dwrite() function.

In our case, we created a three dimensional dataset, and tried to write
it one plane at a time. We made the dataset extendible in all the
directions, chunked and a compression level 6. Typically, the file
contains 8 datasets, with one of them being of size (13000*5*26000).
Initially the dataset has size (13000*5*1) and grows in the Z direction.
The H5Dwrite() function writes successfully to the first 5000 planes and
then suddenly starts giving this message of "No space available for
allocation". Once the write is complete, on opening the dataset in HDF
viewer we find that the datasets has values for the first 5000 writes
and thereafter it is filled with zeros. The dataset is of type float. I
tried to look up this error but could not find any documentation online.
Any idea why is this happening or is there a workaround ??
Converting the data to HDF5 is critical to the successful completion of
the project, so any help or pointers is appreciated ?


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