Memory leak when opening and closing a file

Hi everyone,
I’m using the SD interface and I have detected that there are memory leftovers after closing the file.
Calling SDstart allocates some memory(~1.5 MB) but the corresponding SDend frees only about 60% of that memory. Is there anything else I can do?

char hdfFile[40]="clavrx_H08_20180913_0530.level2.hdf";
int fileId;
fileId=SDstart(hdfFile, DFACC_READ);
SDend(fileId); //after this call the memory is not entirely freed

Hello Vladmircan,

Would you let us know which version of the HDF4 you’re using? Also, please send a small program that reproduces the problem when you have a chance.


I am using version 4.2.14. I have also edited my post to show an example of what I’m experiencing.

Thank you, Vladmircan. We’ll look into this.