Linking 1.8.7 (static) on Windows, IVF 11.1 (1.8.6 works)


I tried to update from 1.8.6 to 1.8.7.

My environment:

Windows XP
HDF5 1.8.6, prebuild binaries for 32 bit, IFV 11.1
VS 2008 express
ifort 11.1
make from the command line

It works well with 1.8.6.

Updating to 1.8.7 while keeping everything else the same
produces lost of warnings and linking errors.

example for a warning:
OLDNAMES.lib( : warning LNK4049: Lokal definiertes Symbol
"__timezone" wurde importiert

example for an error:
OLDNAMES.lib( : error LNK2001: Nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol

It looks like it is linking to the wrong library. I spent several hours
many options but no luck.

I have the two large files with compiler output with /VERBOSE one for the
working 1.8.6 and one for the failing 1.8.7. This should give plenty of
what happens. If anyone interested I can post them too.

Maybe the is a trivial thing I overlooked during the update.

Any hints appreciated.




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