Is --enable-production deprecated or no longer supported

When using an old script to configure 1.10.2, I got this error…

configure:28832: error: --enable-production is deprecated, use --enable-build-mode=production instead.

But, ‘deprecated’ to me means it should not be used but won’t caus an outright error. And, why can’t configure be smart enough to map --enable-producton to --enable-build-mode=production?

It’s been a few years, so I don’t remember the exact reason, but we moved to the newer way of setting debug/production/etc. because the autotools overhaul we did a while back broke the semantics enough to warrant it. I recall not wanting people who had been configuring with --enable-debug for years to be unpleasantly surprised and --enable-build-mode allowed us to add more options, like ‘clean’. It’s obviously the most important configure option, so it’s not something we would have changed lightly.

I can change the text to read disabled, instead of deprecated.

That makes most sense, then. Thx.