integrating a new I/O library

Hi Hugh,

There are two options for you to consider:

If you don't care about the high level data model and just about the type of the data being stored (metadata vs raw data), you can look at adding a new Virtual file Driver.

But if you want to keep the data model information in tact when you use HIO for storage, I would recommend the Virtual Object Layer (VOL). Note that this is still not in production though and requires quite bit of an effort to write a single plugins o support the entire HDF5 data model and API.



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Subject: [Hdf-forum] integrating a new I/O library

I’m working on integrating a new I/O library, HIO, for HPC that manages different storage devices. I’ve been looking at the best way to do this. It seems like I will have to modify the implementation to add this support. I had hoped to make a plugin for this library, but there doesn’t seem to be pluggable I/O support. Is that correct?