Install cmake-enabled hdf5 on windows despite test failure

I am trying to install CMake-hdf5-1.10.1 with the provided batch script for VS 2015. There are 2 test failures out of about 2000 tests, but it seems due to this hdf5 wont install in the specified INSTALLDIR. How do I force it to ignore the test failures and install? Thanks.

edit: Updated to use latest version: different test numbers but same end result.

Is the packaging command actually executing or fails? Is there a cpack.log file in the build folder?


Yes there is a cpack.log, and there are no failures in there, in fact it shows there is an generated. Is this file complete? Should I just unzip and move it to the INSTALLDIR, or is there a simpler way? Essentially I’d just like the “install” to happen, so dlls etc end up in the proper spot despite the test failures.

The zipfile is the binary package without an installer. You may need to add the bin installation path to the system path after unzipping. If you have the WiX application installed there will also be an msi binary package, which is the windows installer.