HeLP: write and read variable length string


   I write the following program to write vector of string into a
dataset in a HDF5 file

void stock_stringSet(H5File fileP, string symbol, size_t n, string
strCol, const vector<string> & writeString){

        hid_t mytype = H5Tvlen_create(H5T_NATIVE_CHAR);

        typedef struct {

                size_t len;

                void *p;

        } hv1_t;

        hv1_t writeChar[n];

        for(int i =0; i< n; i++){

                writeChar[i].p = malloc((writeString[i].size()+1) *

                writeChar[i].len = writeString[i].size() +1;

                strcpy( static_cast<char *> (writeChar[i].p),
const_cast<char *> (writeString[i].c_str()));


        hsize_t dims[] = {n};

        DataSpace dataspace (RANK, dims);

        hsize_t chunk_dims[] = {n};

        DSetCreatPropList ds_creatplist;

        ds_creatplist.setChunk(RANK, chunk_dims);


        DataSet dataset (fileP.createDataSet( ("/"+ symbol + "/"+
strCol), mytype, dataspace, ds_creatplist));

        hsize_t offset[] = {0};

        hsize_t dim_batch[] = {n};

        DataSpace mspace (RANK, dim_batch);

        dataspace.selectHyperslab (H5S_SELECT_SET, dim_batch, offset);

        dataset.write(writeChar, mytype, mspace, dataspace);


When I call the above function to create the dataset for the vector of
strings, the following errors are reported:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'H5::DataSetIException'

Aborted (core dumped)

Look like the error happen on the last line of program

dataset.write(writeChar, mytype, mspace, dataspace);

Can anyone help. Thanks in advance.


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