Help The HDF Group prepare our new Support Portal


We'd like to welcome you to explore our alpha release of our new community support portal:

What's here?

  * A new home and style for our technical documentation for HDF5 and related software
  * A searchable knowledge base containing step-by-step how-to guides, troubleshooting articles, and answers to your frequently asked questions about HDF software
  * Access to legacy downloads of HDF products
  * Information about how to get additional help from our support team on using HDF software

What's NOT here? (yet)

  * Every single piece of documentation from<>
     * While we have initially moved over a large subset of content we believe will continue to provide value into the future, we haven't quite combed all the nooks and crannies of the nearly-30-year buildup of documentation from<>. We'll be working over the coming weeks to port additional articles and notes that are still of value to the community into the new support site. Expect some things to be missing, but do let us know if there's a particularly important article that we've left behind and we'll get it in sooner rather than later.
  * Working links within content pages
     * Much of the content for the initial release of this site that is being lifted from the old support site contains links embedded in those pages. We'll be link-checking over the coming weeks and updating each one to a reasonable landing spot in the new support portal, but in the meantime you might get thrown back to from time to time by following some of the links that haven't been updated yet.
  * Access to additional content or services with your account
     * Once we launch, we'll turn our focus to enhancing our support capabilities by connecting this site to your account, which will allow us to:
        * Let you access, monitor, and manage your help-desk support requests through an interactive interface.
        * Grant you access to browse, comment, and vote on our software bug tracking databases.
        * Grant access to additional support content based on your Basic, Pro, or Premier support package, such as training videos.

Feedback Request

We'd love to hear from you, as your continued feedback is critical as we make this transition to a new model of serving our user community! As you're browsing the new support portal, simply click on the blue "What do you think of this page?" button in the bottom right-hand corner of any page to provide your recommendations for how we can better meet your needs as a member of the HDF community.

If there's something you'd expect to find on our support portal but you can't-let us know!

If there's some content or functionality that doesn't make sense or doesn't jive with you-let us know!

We'll be working over the coming weeks and months to review and fine tune the content we have moved over in our initial pass, iron out some of the rough-around-the-edges stuff, and incorporate your feedback into the site. Take a look around, and tell us what you think!

Thanks so much!

HDF Community Support Team