HDF5 shared library (32) and Filter Plugins (64) compatibility

Is there a compatibility mismatch between using HDF5 shared library (32-bit) and Filter Plugins (64-bit)?
I am able to dump a a dataset with custom third party compressor that is included in the filter plugins extension when I am using the HDF5 64-bit binaries, but unable to do so with 32-bit binaries that I generated via CMake.


The current 64-bit filter plugins will not work with a 32-bit library. We dropped support for 32-bit.

If by chance you are on Windows, we did support 32-bit plugins with HDF5-1.10.4. You can obtain that from the HDF5-1.10.4 download page:


It is possible that the plugin will work for you even if your HDF5 library is different.(not guaranteed)

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