HDF5 File recovery

Hi All,

I have a hdf5 file which was not closed correctly and therefore appears to be corrupt. h5debug for example gives:

HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in HDF5 (1.8.2) thread 0:
  #000: H5F.c line 1615 in H5Fopen(): unable to open file
    major: File accessability
    minor: Unable to open file
  #001: H5F.c line 1392 in H5F_open(): unable to read superblock
    major: File accessability
    minor: Read failed
  #002: H5Fsuper.c line 556 in H5F_super_read(): truncated file
    major: File accessability
    minor: File has been truncated
cannot open file

On googling for hdf5 file recovery I've seen references to h5recover and h5repair are these or other tools for hdf5 file recovery available?