HDF5 DotNet Failed to Open


I am trying to read a file with http://hdf5.net/ but I am getting the following error:

1. Solution exception:H5F.open
File "recorder.h5"  failed to open with status -1

I have been able to open the file with HDFView so I am pretty sure the file is not corrupted.
The file is created from an FEA software that it is using “HDF5 library version: 1.10.1”.
Is there any compatibility problem?

I have attached the file in case someone wants to try to help


Code that I have used

import HDF5DotNet

from HDF5DotNet import *

import System
from System import Array, Double, Int64

print('\nInitializing HDF5 library\n')
status = H5.Open()
print('HDF5 ', H5.Version.Major, '.', H5.Version.Minor, '.', H5.Version.Release)

h5file = H5F.open('recorder.hdf5', H5F.OpenMode.ACC_RDONLY)
print '\nShutting down HDF5 library\n'
status = H5.Close()

hdf5.net is no longer supported. Please use HDF.PInvoke or HDF.PInvoke.1.10. (The latter also works under Linux and MacOS.)