HDF5 1.10.0-patch1 source patch to disable file locking

A patch is available for HDF5-1.10.0-patch1 that will disable file locking. It
can be obtained from:


This patch will enable HDF5 1.10-patch1 to be built and run on file systems
that have file locking disabled or where there are other problems with file
locking. It disables all file locking system calls (replacing them with a no-op
stub in our platform-independence layer) as well as two tests in swmr.c
that check the file locking scheme. We intend for this patch to be a stopgap
measure while we implement other mechanisms for controlling the file
locking behavior.

This patch is not necessary for Win32 (non-Cygwin) Windows since a file
locking scheme was never implemented on that platform.

The patch can be applied by running 'patch -p0 < file-lock-removal.diff' in
the HDF5 source code directory.

Dana Robinson
Software Engineer
The HDF Group