HDF4 Repository Moved? Removed? Protected?


I wanted to get the HDF4 source and folllowed the link on this page under: “The HDF4 source code is maintained in a public Git repository on our Bitbucket server”:


to the Bitbucket repo and got a login page. I know a week or so ago I was able to do a:

git clone https://bitbucket.hdfgroup.org/scm/hdffr/hdf4.git

and it cloned, but now it seems to be asking for a Username/Password.

Is the HDF4 repo no longer public?

We’ve been moving our projects to github. HDF4 is here:

Public repo available at https://github.com/hdfgroup/hdf4

@lkurz @derobins Ah. okay. I guess I was always following the “official” advice through hdfgroup.org.

Was this change announced anywhere? I usually try to take note of these things. And will the hdfgroup.org page change?


We just moved the repo and didn’t have a chance to fix the links on our Website and announce the move. HDF4 stays open and we encourage contributions to HDF4.
Now we know that at least one person uses the source :slight_smile:

Hi Matthew,

I updated the link on the HDF4 page: