HDF Newsletter #144

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                             Newsletter #144
                            February 13, 2015

  . Release of HDF 4.2.11
  . The HDF Group Software Highlights
  . Other applications and efforts we have become aware of

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Release of HDF 4.2.11

The HDF 4.2.11 release is now available. It can be obtained from the
HDF Downloads page:


The HDF (HDF4) home page is located at:


HDF 4.2.11 is a minor release with a few changes, including fixes to
the hdp, hrepack, ncdump, and ncgen utilities.

For a comprehensive list of changes in this release see:


Future Changes to Supported Compilers and Platforms

Please be aware that after this release, we will be moving to CMake 3.1. The
Windows standard will move to VS 2013 with Intel 15, though testing will
continue on VS 2012.

In addition, support will be dropped for CentOS 5 i686 and CentOS 5 x86_64.

The HDF Group Software Highlights

o The H4CF Conversion Toolkit 1.0 release is now available.

   This toolkit enables NASA HDF-EOS2 and HDF4 products to be converted to
   follow CF conventions. The utilities are especially useful for NASA
   HDF-EOS2 and HDF4 end-users to visualize and analyze the converted
   netCDF3 or netCDF4 files with their favorite netCDF tools or applications.

   This release includes a few critical memory leak fixes and improved error
   handling. Also, CF support was added for TRMM version 7 and AIRS version 6
   NASA products.

   The H4CF Conversion Toolkit web page: http://hdfeos.org/software/h4cflib.php

   More information about this release: http://hdfeos.org/software/h4cflib/doc/RELEASE.txt

Other applications and efforts that we have become aware of

o JHV5 - Java binding for HDF5 focusing on ease of use.
   A new release of JHDF5, version 14.12, is now available.

o HDF5 Plugin for ImageJ and Fiji.

o PhDC4D - software for maintenance management of ships, offshore structures and
   static equipment. http://www.phdsoft.com/

o NueroHDF - a standard way to store neuroscience data in HDF5.

Although The HDF Group does not endorse any particular product, we are pleased
that these products and efforts support HDF.

We are always interested in learning about HDF applications. Please do let us
know about your software if you have not already done so.

For questions regarding these or other HDF issues, contact: