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                             Newsletter #140
                              May 15, 2014

. Release of HDF5-1.8.13

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Release of HDF5 1.8.13

The HDF5-1.8.13 release is now available, and can be downloaded from the
HDF Group Downloads page:


It can also be obtained directly from:


HDF5-1.8.13 is a minor release, with a few new features and changes.
Important changes include:

  o The H5free_memory (C) api was added to free memory that was allocated
    by HDF5 API calls. This was added specifically for Windows, but may be
    useful anywhere that the library uses a different memory manager than
    the application.

  o New wrappers were added for C++ (many) and Fortran
    (h5pset_file_image_f and h5pget_file_image_f).

  o Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks is now supported.

  o Many improvements were added in support of CMake, including the
    addition of support for CMake 2.8.11.

  o Improvements were added to the Core VFD (or Memory VFD).

  o The following changes were made to Parallel HDF5:

    - The MPI-POSIX VFD was removed. Application developers should
      always use the MPI-IO VFD.

    - Parallel HDF5 now supports collective I/O on point selections.

  o A few changes were added to the tools (h5diff, h5dump, and h5repack).

This release contains many other changes that are not listed here.
Please be sure to read the Release Notes for a comprehensive list of
new features and changes:


Changes that affect maintainers of HDF5-dependent applications are
listed in "HDF5 Software Changes from Release to Release". See:


Future Changes to Supported Platforms

Please be aware that after this release, we will be moving to
CMake 3.0, and will add testing for VS 2013. VS 2012 will remain
the standard.

In addition, we will only support Cygwin built with CMake, and will
be dropping VS 2010.

For questions regarding these or other HDF issues, contact: