HDF Newsletter #133

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                             Newsletter #133
                              March 8, 2013

  . Release of h5edit version 1.1.0
  . Release of nagg version 1.5.0-beta

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Release of h5edit version 1.1.0

H5edit version 1.1.0 is now available from the JPSS project Downloads page:


New Features and Changes in this release include:

   o Support was added for the --atomic option which will maintain a
      backup file that can be used to recover the original data file in the
      event that errors occur.

   o The testh5edit.sh script no longer fails with an output mismatch error
      when h5edit is built with HDF5-1.8.9. Please note that with this change
      h5edit 1.1.0 is not backward compatible with HDF5 releases prior to

    o Support was added for COPY and RENAME commands for attributes.

The h5edit tool is a general command line tool to edit HDF5 files. The
current version is limited to operations on attributes only. For more
information see:


Release of nagg version 1.5.0-beta

A new release of nagg, version 1.5.0-beta is available from the JPSS
project Downloads page:


This version:

   o Extends the "-l filename" option to process geolocation information
     according to the specified file in addition to number of granules and
     type of products.

   o Extends the notion of compatible geolocation products to allow, for
     example, packaging an SDR product with a terrain-corrected geolocation

Nagg is an NPP-specific tool for aggregating JPSS data granules from
existing files into new files. For more information on this tool, see:


For questions regarding these or other HDF issues, contact: