HDF Newsletter #124

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                             Newsletter #124
                            November 15, 2011


  . Release of HDF5-1.8.8
  . Release of h4mapwriter 1.0.2
  . Future Windows Support Changes
  . Dropping Support for Solaris Binaries

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Release of HDF5-1.8.8

The HDF5-1.8.8 release is now available. Many thanks to the users who
helped test this release.

The HDF5-1.8.8 software can be obtained from the following page:


This page can be accessed from The HDF Group Downloads page:


The HDF5 1.8.8 documentation is located in:


For information on HDF5, see the HDF5 home page:


HDF5 1.8.8 is a minor release, but contains a few important new features
and bug fixes. Changes in this release include the following:

  - Changes to the Fortran interface:

    o Fortran wrappers for the Dimension Scales APIs were added. For the
      new subroutine signatures, see:


    o The Fortran interface now uses the Fortran 2003 standard, enabling
      a wider set of Fortran and HDF5 datatypes to be supported, including:

        - Any kind of INTEGER or REAL
        - Fortran derived types
        - Fortran and HDF5 enumeration
        - HDF5 variable-length datatypes
        - HDF5 compound datatypes of any complexity

      It also contains new subroutines corresponding to those C APIs which
      have callback functions as parameters. For a general overview and
      information on how to enable these new Fortran features, please see
      the following paper:


      HDF5 examples that use Fortran 2003 (with the suffix "F03") can be found


      The --enable-fortran2003 configure flag was added to enable Fortran 2003
      support in the HDF5 Fortran library. This flag should be used along with
      the --enable-fortran flag and takes affect only when a Fortran compiler
      is Fortran 2003 compliant.

  - H5Tcreate now supports a string type (fixed-length and variable-length).

  - New APIs, H5Pget_mpio_actual_chunk_opt_mode and H5Pget_mpio_actual_io_mode,
    were added for querying whether/how a collective I/O operation completed.

  - Numerous changes were made to the tools (h5diff, h5repack, h5jam, h5dump).

This release contains many other changes not listed here. Please be sure to
read the Release Notes for a comprehensive list of new features and bug


Release of h4mapwriter 1.0.2

We are pleased to announce the release of h4mapwriter Version 1.0.2.

The source code and documentation are available at:


This page also includes a test package and other materials.
If you are new to the HDF4 Mapping Project, please read the User's Guide

Version 1.0.2 provides these changes from the 1.0.1 version:

    It handles various empty SDS cases consistently.
    It generates the map according to the new schema version 1.0.1.

We would like to thank all of the people who sent in bug reports and

Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Future Windows Support Changes

For the HDF5-1.8.* releases, we will continue to supply binaries and
project files built with Visual Studio 2008 and Intel Fortran 10.1.
These files will remain on the last Windows XP OS. However, our current
Windows development and future releases will move to Windows 7 and will
use Visual Studio 2010 with Intel Fortran 12 (XE2011) as the reference
platform. CMake (current 2.8.6) will be the reference build system. The
future HDF5-1.10 source will no longer contain the legacy windows
directory or documents referencing that directory.

Dropping Support for Solaris Binaries

We no longer provide a link to the Solaris binaries from our web site
due to few requests. If you have used the pre-built Solaris binaries
in the past and would like us to continue to provide them, please let
us know.

For questions regarding these or other HDF issues, contact: