HDF Java Matlab in Linux Issue

Hello all,

We are having an issue getting the HDF Java binaries to work with a Java
library we wrote when we attempt to use it in Matlab in Linux (Matlab in
Windows works).

Everything works properly when we run it from the command line or Eclipse,
but when we run it within Matlab in Linux, Matlab crashes completely and
we get the following error:

HDF5-DIAG: Error dtected in HDF5 (1.8.3) thread 0:
        #000: H5E.c line 804 in H5Eget_msg(): not a error message ID
        major: Invalid arguments to routine
        minor: Inappropriate type

This error occurs when the code attempts an open (and thus attempts to
reach the C library for the first time).

We don't believe it to be a JNI problem as it is clearly finding and
running the C library.

We don't believe it is our code or the HDF code (either Java or C)
because, as previously mentioned, outside of Matlab the code works

We have attempted this same test with some sample HDF Java code (the open
file example) and we get the same error when run through Matlab in Linux.

We also attempted this same test on a different Linux box with a clean
install of Matlab and got the same error.

We are at a loss and would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

Jeff Lipeles