HDF-Java 2.6b1 is out


The beta release of HDF-Java 2.6 is out. You can download it from

The production release of HDF-Java 2.6 is scheduled on December 30, 2009.
There will be no feature changes between the beta release and the
production release.

The HDFView User's Guide is not up-to-date for the beta release. It will
be fully updated at the production release.

The beta release includes the following platforms:
    Windows 32-bit
    Linux 32-bit
    Linux 64-bit
    Linux ia 64-bit
    Solaris 32-bit
    Solaris 64-bit
    Mac intel 32-bit

NPOESS moddule was not included in the standard hdf-java release.
To use NPOESS module, you have to
1) install hdfview
2) download npoess.jar from ftp://ftp.hdfgroup.org/HDF5/hdf-java/ext/
3) put the jar file at $HDFView/lib/ext directory.


* Changes to HDF-Java 2.6 *

Major improvements include:
    1) Built on HDF5 1.8.4 library.
    2) Fix memory leak in the HDF-Java native.
    3) Add H5.getOpenIDCount() and H5. getOpenID() to track any open IDs.
       These functions can be very useful for checking memory leak for applications.
    4) Add features to show data pointed to by object references or region references.
    5) Find/search dataset from HDFView.
    6) Add user option to open a file directly with read-only mode.
    7) Show unsigned 64-bit integer.
    8) support netcdf3 files for the NETCDF module (ncsa.hdf.object.nc2.NC2File).
    Major bug fixes include:
    [BUG ID: 734] HDFView: Incorrectly displays data-type: character array
    [BUG ID: 781] HDFView: if change palette then flip image, original colorscale is used
    [BUG ID: 977] Local version of HDFView doc has broken links etc.
    [BUG ID: 1379] HDView: indices changed between 2.3 and 2.4. Why?
    [BUG ID: 1434] HDFView does not show preceding spaces for attribute values that begin with spaces
    [BUG ID: 1482] HDFView uses incorrect image values
    [BUG ID: 1484] HDFView: "Show Value" is always 0 if show image for 32-bit unsigned array
    [BUG ID: 1490] HDF4 object package failed on reading data
    [BUG ID: 1493] incorrect Size of variable length dataset
    [BUG ID: 1507] Problem on import/export strings in compound datasets in HDFView
    [BUG ID: 1528] HDFView doc does not mention can save to PNG, GIF, BMP
    [BUG ID: 1544] HDFView: rainbow palette selection is different depending on where it is selected
    [BUG ID: 1566] Remove HDFCDataTypes from web page
    [BUG ID: 1581] HDFView: can't view contents of group if has same name as file
    [BUG ID: 1604] HDFView - Get error if open a compound dataset with string and reference
    [BUG ID: 1654] H5Sselect_hyperslab parameter order in header comment is wrong [BUG ID: 1684] High dim label is wrong
    [BUG ID: 1700] 16-bit and 32-bit images do not scale properly if set range