HDF & HDF-EOS Workshop XV, April 17-19, 2012

The HDF & HDF-EOS Workshop XV has been scheduled for April 17-19, 2012
in Riverdale, MD, and abstracts are currently being accepted (see the
announcement below).

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Call for Abstracts for the HDF & HDF-EOS Workshop XV
Riverdale, MD
April 17-19, 2012

Registration information coming soon.

NASA and The HDF Group will host the HDF and HDF-EOS Workshop XV in Riverdale, MD on April 17-19, 2012.
This year's workshop is being hosted in Riverdale, MD at the Raytheon EOSDIS Evolution and Development facility. This is a unique opportunity to work directly with developers and maintainers of HDF. The theme of the Workshop is "Embracing New Missions - Integrating Data Across Generations."
The goal of this workshop is to provide a venue for vendors, tool developers, NASA, NOAA, and other HDF and HDF-EOS Earth science users to address the critically important issues of interoperability and integration of data across new and existing missions. Vendors and tool developers will have opportunities to demonstrate their tools and to learn about users' needs. Participants are encouraged to share ideas, experiences, and concerns regarding data interoperability and integration.
Please join us for this opportunity to identify issues, to work on solutions, and to discover better ways to access HDF and HDF-EOS data. The workshop will:

Present the latest developments in the HDF/HDF-EOS libraries and data formats; including tutorials for new and experienced HDF users
* Emphasize Earth science data interoperability among missions and instruments past, present and future
* Address interoperability among tools for managing Earth science data
* Stimulate exchange among users, vendors and tool developers
* Educate participants in the use of HDF and HDF-related applications
* Collect feedback to help prioritize HDF and EOS work over the coming year
* Enable group or private technical discussions with technical experts and HDF developers

Suggestions for topics that you'd like to see on the agenda can also be contributed and are welcomed.

Presentation Submission -
The workshop will provide for three types of presentations:
Presentations - 'Full' 15-20 minutes
Lightning Talks - 5 minute limit

Suggested Topic Areas -

* Earth Science data interoperability among data formats adopted by EOS and nonEOS missions
* Ease of access to and usage of NASA HDF and HDF-EOS data
* Tool presentations and demos
* Earth Science data interoperability among state-of-the-art tools
* Group or private technical discussions with technical experts and HDF developers
* Integration of HDF with established or up-and-coming technologies
* Enhancing HDF support with existing technologies
* Program status reports
* Development plans -- new features
* Heritage (HDF) to HDF5 migration; archival issues
* HDF and other standards (e.g., netCDF)
* Tools, utilities (description or demonstration)
* Earth science data applications
* Interaction with metadata and application profiles/conventions
* Lessons learned; lessons learned from other disciplines; missing pieces; end-to-end system considerations

What are Lightning Talks?
Maybe you just want to ask a question,
invite people to help you with your project,
boast about something you did,
or tell a cautionary story.
Quick summary of your poster


February 17, 2012 - Preliminary Agenda will be posted

March 2, 2012 - **Abstracts Due. Please send an email with a few paragraphs describing your topic area to:

March 16, 2012 - Notification of acceptance will occur along with posting of an updated agenda

April 3, 2012 - Final Agenda will be posted

April 10, 2012 - Pre-Registration Cutoff

URL references:
HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center: http://hdfeos.org/
HDF program at THG: http://hdfgroup.org
NASA EOS program: http://eos.gsfc.nasa.gov
NPOESS program: http://npoess.noaa.gov
Program Committee:
- Dan Marinelli, NASA, ESDIS Project
- Carol Boquist, NASA, ESDIS Project
- Mike Folk, The HDF Group
- Elena Pourmal, The HDF Group
- Kent Yang, The HDF Group
- Daniel Kahn, Science Systems Applications, Inc.
- Abe Taaheri, Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems, HDF-EOS Developer
- John Evans, The MathWorks
- Alfreda Hall, NASA, JPSS Project