HDF 4.2.7 release candidate is available for testing

Hi all,

A pre-release candidate version of HDF 4.2.7 is available for testing and
can be downloaded at the following link:


If you have some time to test this, we would greatly appreciate it.

While we test on a wide variety of platforms, there are many systems and
setups that we are unable to test on, and feedback from the user community
is quite welcome.

In this maintenance release, several additions/changes may be of interest to

   - CMake is tested on Windows, Linux, and Cygwin.

   - A new compiler is supported: IBM XL Fortran for Linux, V13.1 64-bit

   - VSgetexternalfile and SDgetexternalfile are superseded by

     and SDgetexternalinfo because their prototypes missed the parameter

     "length" for external data length.

   - Visinternal is superseded by Vgisinternal, which allows the handling of

     special cases in old data.

   - Fortran wrappers vfgvgroups and vsfgvdatas have been added for the C

     functions Vgetvgroups and VSgetvdatas, respectively.

   - Several new files were added to the test, including source and data

   - The problem where SDgetchunkinfo and SDreadchunk failed on an empty SDS

     when the file is opened as read-only is fixed.

The release notes included in the pre-release contains the new features and
bug fixes present in this release.

We plan to release HDF 4.2.7 mid-February barring the discovery of any
critical issues.

Thank you!

The HDF Group