Having trouble reading HDF5 files via C++ interface.

I am attempting to read an HDF5 file (attached) that was created by a
python app using pyTables. In this case I need to use C++ to do the
processing of the data. I think I have things setup correctly but I
seem to be getting garbage results out of most of my fields. Here is
the output of my initial read attempts:
--- snip ---
h5reader opening 'test.h5'.
File: test.h5
Object Count:1
Opening Group.
AUDiiO group has 5 in it.
Opening DataSet.
id:1 source:-1207860224 joined:7936 left:47103 expired:45058 is
subscriber?:Yes referrer id:0
id:2 source:-1207882752 joined:25344 left:46849 expired:35841 is
subscriber?:Yes referrer id:0
id:3 source:-1212370176 joined:0 left:49151 expired:33806 is
subscriber?:Yes referrer id:0
id:4 source:-1207804160 joined:45824 left:46849 expired:1 is
subscriber?:No referrer id:0
id:5 source:-1211008000 joined:27392 left:46849 expired:26369 is
subscriber?:Yes referrer id:0
--- snip ---

Clearly something is off. Also, it is not quite clear from the docs
how to control the quantify of objects being read from or written to
the database. In the real simulation file I approach one million
AUDiiOUser instances. It isn't clear to me how to avoid reading all of
them at once via the Group interface. Appreciate any assistance or
pointers you may have. My deadline's pretty short on this one and I
can't seem to get past the simple business of reading the existing

thanx much,

  -- Ben Scherrey

test.h5 (62.2 KB)

h5reader.cpp (3.22 KB)