,H5Tget_member_value(): operation not defined for data type class

Hi Greetings,

I am trying to get the value of compound datatype dataset .But I am facing issue while doing so I getting return status of -1 .

Arguments passed : H5Tget_member_value(compoundclastype,index value of member name,(void *)buff)

correct me if I am doing any wrong

thank you ,

HDF version used : 1.10.4

Chandrasekhar, the function H5Tget_member_value is for enumeration datatypes, not for compound datatypes. (See https://portal.hdfgroup.org/display/HDF5/H5T_GET_MEMBER_VALUE)
Can you send us the h5dump -pBH output of your compound type and tell us which field(s)
you want to read? (You can read just a subset of fields of a “larger” compound, by defining a “smaller” compound as the in-memory type. See https://bitbucket.hdfgroup.org/projects/HDFFV/repos/hdf5-examples/browse/1_10/C/H5T/h5ex_t_cpxcmpd.c)

Hi gheber,

Thanks for reply , Is their example for reading the dataset member name values without structures??


Hi gheber,

Thanks for reply,

please find h5HDFFile.docx (624.0 KB)
dump of it , I have to read the DATATYPE H5T_COMPOUND values of every DATASET highlighted with red text

sample in example

typedef struct {
int serial_no;
char location;
double temperature;
double pressure;
} sensor_t; /
Nested compound type */

Is their is any API / example we can read without defining structures

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Any One can help me on this.