H5copy; how to copy root '/' attributes to target file?

I want to copy a source h5 file to a new empty file using the command:
h5copy.exe -i "input path"' -o "output path" -s "item name" -d "item name"

After run, I found that all items and their attributes are copied to output file except the attributes of root ‘/’ in source h5 file.

How can I copy the attributes of root ‘/’ ? Thanks.

I believe this is a bug. Please contact the HelpDesk and file a bug report.

If you want to copy to a

why not copy the whole file?

What are the types of those root-group attributes? You could write a little Python script (get an iterator from the .attrs attribute manager of the root group) to copy the attributes.


This is because the source h5 file has been edited multiple times and the file size increased although the content is decreased. I have used h5pack.exe to compact the file instead. I thought the h5copy.exe is more versatile because it allows selective copy and allows merged copy to another file.

I see. Doing tool-based freespace management is tedious. Depending on your version constraints, in HDF5 1.10+ freespace management has gotten a lot better. fsm.c (3.3 KB)
Have a look at the attached example and let us know if that works for you. G.