Guarantees around libhdf5.settings

Hi All

h5py is looking at exposing the ros3 driver, and we’re wondering what is the best method to detect this. We’ve currently got two different implementations, one checks the ABI of the library, the other tries parsing the content of libhdf5.settings. Is the format of libhdf5.settings specified/can it be relied on long term (note: we’re not requesting that it be a long term format)?


P.S. The relevant h5py changes are and

Hi James,

The format of libhdf5.settings is not considered part of the public API and is subject to change. It’s been fairly stable over the years, but there’s no guarantee some future developer won’t condense the multiple VFD lines into a single comma-separated list, for example.

Cool, that’s what I thought. We’ll go with the ABI version.