error in wrinting hdf5 files with FORTRAN 90

Hello all,

I have a work divided in two tasks : one program is sorting model data (ERA5 from ECMWF) and satellite observations and write the selected one in hdf5 files, the second program is using these files to perform simulations.
In the begening I was writing the files from the first task in netcdf v3 but It start to be diffecult to read them with some software. in netcdf4 I have a conflict of libraries in the header since that I cannot identify and fix since I do not have the root user on the server me are using.
So I change to write the files in pure hdf5, that actually find simpler than netcd4. However, it is not working.
It works If I do an “empty” run ; meaning I create the tables to save fill them with zeros instead of the model values. But when I do a real run I try to open with panoply I get the error “There was an error opening the dataset: DataObject doesnt start with OHDR
I am guessing maybe there is bad values in the tables, but not sure because I cannot access to the data. Is there an option that could help ?

Thanks for the help.


E.F., if you have previously working Netcdf fortran 90 code, then I recommend that you keep using that and resolve your header problems on your own system. Contact your own tech support, or Unidata Netcdf support, for assistance.

If necessary, it is possible to build your own Netcdf and Netcdf-fortran libraries in your own user space, and then use those libraries instead of the system versions. It is also possible to build and use your own HDF5 library in user space, and link Netcdf to that, if needed. I do these things frequently on multiple systems, for testing and other purposes.