Discussions about HDF5 RFCs?

Hi folks,

I’m an “outsider” in that I’m not involved in the development of HDF5.

I was wondering where discussions about submitted HDF5 RFCs [1] take place? Is it here on the forum somewhere, or elsewhere?

Is there a description of the process for RFC submission? The [1] page just lists the RFC PDFs, but nothing else.

I was specifically interested in whether there had been any discussion about the RFC: Multi-Thread HDF5 from a couple of years ago [2].


[1] HDF5: RFCs
[2] https://docs.hdfgroup.org/hdf5/rfc/RFC_multi_thread.pdf

@elvis.stansvik thanks for bringing up a few important topics.

I’m not aware of other venues than the weekly HDF5 Working Group meetings, but this forum is as good a place to have a more “asynchronous” discussion.

I’m afraid, there isn’t, but I agree there should be one, and I’d be happy to work with anyone interested.

Unless somebody has a better suggestion, how about creating a thread with the RFC ID/title as subject, e.g.,

[RFC THG 2021-05-28] : Multi-Thread HDF5 


Best, G.

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