Comparison of HDF5 and Intersystems Cache


I am a research assistant working in Iowa State University. Currently I am
implementing HDF5 in my work where it is required to write huge amounts of
data into a file. The data is a 1D array.

Because portability and human readability are required, HDF5 looks like a
good choice.

I am wondering if someone with any knowledge of Intersystems Cache Data
Model can explain if it can be an alternative for the sort of data that I am
looking to store. I came across some article that Cache is the fastest
database around. I just need to write out data to file/database with high
speeds and binary like file size(ascii is too large). I do not need to query
the database but if the file size and write speeds are better, I want to
think about Cache. I do not have sufficient knowledge about Cache to know if
it is a good or a bad choice for my requirements.

Can someone please help me understanding the pro's and con's of each and
what may be more suitable for me? Thank You.