Code from the CPP example breaks for larger matrix size


Hello there.

I am new to HDF5 and as a first step, I tried to run one of the examples on my computer.
The example itself works just fine, but then, when I change the dimensions of the dataset, my program breaks with a Stack Overflow exception.

I used the example from here.

and changed

const int DIM0 = 4; // dataset dimensions
const int DIM1 = 6;


const int DIM0 = 1080; // dataset dimensions
const int DIM1 = 1920;

This is what happens when I run it.

Configuration details
OS : Windows 10 Pro
IDE : Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (v. 15.4.5)
HDF5 version 1.10.3

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!