CMAKE with Intel compiler include ZLIB and SZIP libs

I try to compile HDF5-1.10.6 under CentOS 7 environment.

1 Step.
When I compiled with ./configure option, it works well.
BUT, there is no libhdf5_tools

export CC=mpiicc
export F9X=mpiifort
export F90=mpiifort
export FC=mpiifort
export CXX=icpc

Install HDF5

tar -xvf hdf5-1.10.6.tar.bz2
cd hdf5-1.10.6
./configure --prefix=/opt/ohpc/pub/libs/hdf5_intel --enable-fortran --enable-tools --enable-parallel --with-zlib=/opt/ohpc/pub/libs/zlib --with-szlib=/opt/ohpc/pub/libs/szip

2 Step,
And I compiled with CMAKE, it doesn’t work with SZIP_DIR and ZLIB_DIR
with /opt/ohpc/pub/libs/szip/lib , /opt/ohpc/pub/libs/szip, or SZip.tar.gz
So I turned on the HDF5_ALLOW_EXTERNAL_SUPPORT option to GIT and TGZ, but BOTH, when I Make, it keeps download. (I canceled when it 100GBs)
It works well without szip, zlib disabled.

Do you have any idea?

Try getting the CMake-{source} distribution file - it will have all the files CMake needs and includes a simple script to build. If that works, then we can discuss how to edit the configuration file for your specific application.


Thank you very much byrn.
I compiled well with the CMAKE version.
However there is no “h5pfc” file.
I try to compile FHI-aims with HDF5, and it need ‘h5pfc’ and ‘libhdf5_tools’
I cannot compile both at the same time.
When I compile with './configure --enable-fortran --enable-tools --enable-parallel --with-zlib=/opt/ohpc/pub/libs/zlib/lib --with-szlib=/opt/ohpc/pub/libs/szip/lib ", they don’t generate .
And I compiled with CMake, there is no ‘h5pfc’

Did I miss something?

Yes, autotools does not build the tools library (development planned), only CMake.
CMake does not create separate h5pfc script - use the h5fc script.


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