Cant debug in eclipse if HDf5 is used in code


Hi i linked the HDF5 lib ( in a simple hello word c project in my eclipse ide with mingw compiler than i added these line from a example:

hid_t   file_id, dataset_id, dataspace_id; /* identifiers */
hsize_t dims[2];
herr_t  status;

/* Create a new file using default properties. */

/* Create the data space for the dataset. */
dims[0]      = 4;
dims[1]      = 6;
dataspace_id = H5Screate_simple(2, dims, NULL);

/* Create the dataset. */
dataset_id = H5Dcreate2(file_id, "/dset", H5T_STD_I32BE, dataspace_id, H5P_DEFAULT, H5P_DEFAULT, H5P_DEFAULT);

/* End access to the dataset and release resources used by it. */
status = H5Dclose(dataset_id);

/* Terminate access to the data space. */
status = H5Sclose(dataspace_id);

/* Close the file. */
status = H5Fclose(file_id);

after this i wasnt able anymore to jump trough my code with the gdb debugger its terminating directly if i start the compiled *.exe in powershell it create the file and prompt Hello world on the powershell
can someone help me here pls

thx Sebastian