Announcing development of the Enterprise Support Edition of HDF5


Currently the only way for a non HDF Group staff to submit a patch to HDF5 is via email / forum. Is the plan to allow external users accounts on your Bitbucket server so we can submit proper pull requests to HDF5 CE? I imagine this would happen in conjunction with opening up JIRA to external users.



This is my number one pet peeve with HDF5. It’s immensely annoying with all these mail threads that end with “We’ve filed this as issue XXXX”, which is essentially a black hole to an outsider. There’s no way to subscribe to bugs, take part in or observe the process of their resolution or anything.



We have been working on opening HDF5 JIRA (20 years of issues :wink: to the public. We understand your disappointment, but we need time to accomplish the job. I hope the work will be completed by September 2018, but I cannot promise.

Thank you for your patience!



Yep Elena, I know you’re working on it, which is great. And I understand it probably takes some work considering the long history/established processes et.c.