Adjustments for building properly under Windows and MSYS2/MinGW-w64


I work in French company who manage the WEST Tokamak in south of France. We use (and plan to use globally) HDF5 with our data access layer, which is the same as ITER project (IMAS).

I am in charge to porting some existing components under Windows.
I have downloaded one of the last version of HDF5 (v1.10.3), and I have compiled it under Windows across MSYS2 with MinGW-w64 tool-chain.

To be able to compile HDF5 properly, it requires some adjustments, (like implementation of Wsetenv function) and now I would like to share my modifications with the community.

I not found the repository of HDF5 on GitHub, so I don’t know where to push my modifications.
How can I proceed to share my modificatuons?

Regards, Hervé.

Nevermind this topic, a new one is already open here:

Bad action, I thought that this one wasn’t correctly created.